Lone Star State Bank

ERE has a well-deserved reputation for its expertise, service, and professionalism in all facets of commercial real estate. I have personally worked with Randy on projects, including supervision of construction, a 50,000 s.f. professional office building, managing retail centers, and locating quality income producing property. Randy provides a comprehensive package of information for his projects: historical operating history, projections, breakeven analysis, ROE, and ROC. If you need assistance to buy, sell, develop, or manage commercial real estate, ERE will provide an excellent service.

Steven D. Yandell, Senior Vice President
Lone Star State Bank, Lubbock, Texas


Massage Envy

After deciding to open Massage Envy, I asked my attorney who he would recommend as a commercial RE broker to help me acquire the best possible location. Without hesitation he said Randy Egenbacher. I posed the same question to my banker and received the same answer. Since both were close, personal friends I took their advice, and I am certainly glad that I did.

During our first meeting, Randy’s knowledge of the Lubbock commercial real estate market was extremely impressive, as was his desire to find the location that would best serve my purposes. With his guidance, my search was short. The property I chose is also managed by Egenbacher Real Estate, and Randy has continued to work tirelessly on my behalf the entire way, through lease negotiations, finish-out, and final inspections.

Randy’s advice and guidance have been invaluable. I feel fortunate to have found a person dedicated to honesty, integrity and professionalism – a person who, in my opinion, sits at the pinnacle of his profession.

Craig Zahn
Massage Envy


Interventional Pain Center of Lubbock

I have known Mr. Egenbacher for many years. During that time, through a variety of real estate projects, both professional and personal, I have had the opportunity to work with several individuals who labeled themselves as “Real Estate gurus” in one fashion or another. Some worked harder than others and most were adequate. However, once Mr. Egenbacher became involved in the same projects that I had an interest in, it became quite apparent that there are different levels of expertise. Mr. Egenbacher is one of the most earnest, hard working people I have had the fortune to meet and eventually know.

He diligently goes over every facet of our real estate endeavors from top to bottom. For example, he manages our Medical Office Building now, and his services are a far cry beyond what I had to endure in the past. If there is a problem, he probably already knows about it and is in the process of correcting it when I contact him about it, or if he does not know about it, he takes corrective action immediately. I have even talked to him while he has been on vacation (unbeknownst to me when I called), and he made arrangements to fix the problem.

Mr. Egenbacher has helped us develop the NorthStar complex, and during this process, it is clearly evident, even to all my partners, that he knows who to contact for what project and what is happening at City Hall. He has awareness of Lubbock’s long-term planning and how it impacts us. Whenever he makes a presentation, he is extremely prepared with drawings and renditions and answers to questions we had not even thought to ask. He is undaunted, even by the hard jobs, like terminating contracts when people do not fulfill their end of an arrangement or are slovenly in their work or work ethic. This even goes for his own staff. If someone works for him, they must meet his strict sense of honor and work ethic too, which is important, as there is always someone on call for him if he is not available because of a meeting or being out of town. If there is something he does not know, he is the first to get someone of equal caliber to answer the question or fix a problem.

I have also seen Mr. Egenbacher on a social level as well when a group of us go hunting or fishing. He is always one of the most cordial and well-intention people and always seems prepared for anything. I have the utmost respect and trust of Mr. Egenbacher, such that when the Lubbock Tax Assessors make there yearly unjustified adjustments to our homes, he has argued successfully against their increases.

Ralph Menard, MD
Interventional Pain Center of Lubbock


Teinert Commercial Building Services

I have worked with Randy for several years. Randy has always displayed a desire to give the customer exactly what he wants. He seems to be on top of what is happening in the real estate market and has the ability to see the “big picture” when working with the customer. Randy and his staff have always been fair and honest in all our dealings.

Allen Teinert
Teinert Commercial Building Services


I have worked with Randy Egenbacher for about 10 years. During every transaction, Randy has demonstrated that he is a true professional. He makes it a point to research properties in question and easily leads you through the entire process of buying and selling real estate. In all my dealings, I have never felt that I was pressured or mislead. Mostly, I appreciate his honesty and the fact that he points out not only the positive but also makes you aware of the negative side of any transaction.

Manfred Schiefer