Real Estate Due Diligence

The ERE team tailors customized real estate strategies for our clients. Just as each healthcare practice is unique, the same applies to every real estate asset. At ERE, we have a deep understanding of the preparation and underwriting required to ensure your asset is properly positioned in the market and achieves a maximized valuation.

At the onset of each engagement, our team collaborates to design an underwriting plan best suited for your building. Depending on the type of facility you own and operate, the experts of ERE Advisors will conduct an in-depth real estate audit that includes the following services:

  • Financial review of the operating practice
  • Practice succession planning
  • Space utilization analysis
  • Lease abstracting
  • Local real estate market analysis
  • Comparable rent analysis
  • Comparable sale study


By establishing an intimate understanding of the nuances surrounding your operations and facility, ERE Advisors is able to provide you, your partners, and board with strategic guidance surrounding a potential sale of your real estate asset.